This is a story about bereavement and suicide. Support for those affected by these issues can be found at Child Bereavement UK or similar organisations. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to Rhubarb Theatre’s animated film and to download the free resource pack.

I Love You, Sunshine is an illustrated chapter book which tells the story of how one dad takes his own life and how it affects his eight year old daughter, Milly, and the rest of her family. It is a story of bereavement but it is also a story of love. It is intended as a way for all those families, bereaved by suicide, to know that they are not alone; to build resilience through understanding; and to help take small emotional steps forwards.

The story has been informed and developed through conversations with bereaved parents and feedback from bereavement support practitioners at Child Bereavement UK. This brilliant charity has provided the important parental guidance notes to go alongside Milly’s story. These notes also point the way to support networks for those families bereaved by suicide. I Love You, Sunshine is intended for distribution to bereavement charities and for sale to school counsellors or to any organisation which might find it a useful resource. 5% of all sales will go to Child Bereavement UK.

With grateful thanks to the parents and bereavement counsellors at the Edward’s Trust, Birmingham.
With thanks to all our wonderful Gofundme supporters.

Bereavement charities, educators, other organisations and readers can buy this book here.

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I Love You, Sunshine is a warm and helpful book  for children who lose a parent by suicide. However  difficult it seems to be, they have a right to know  the truth. If you, as a parent, are able to do this,  your children will keep their trust in you. And that  is so important because they already have so many  questions. In my long experience, children know when  there is something you are keeping back. Then they  have to deal with this mystery on their own and that’s  sad and lonely. You don’t have to do this on your own,  ask people you trust for help. This brave step will help  your children and strengthen your bond even more. I  thank Addy for writing this important book. 

Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers PhD, bereavement and  trauma expert and therapist, author of many books  on these subjects

Children have active minds and vivid imaginations. Stories can help children identify with characters and explore experiences in a safe and supportive way. I Love you, Sunshine provides children with an opportunity to begin to understand grief, and the impact of the death of someone important to them by suicide, encouraging open conversations and the sharing of emotions.

Dr Ann Rowland
Child Bereavement UK

‘I LOVE YOU, SUNSHINE’ adapted and animated by Rhubarb Theatre.

Additional specialist mental health support

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a wealth of resources and information about addiction and mental health, which could be invaluable to those in need following a bereavement. Secondly, we provide a helpline that offers immediate assistance to those struggling with addiction, a service that could be life-saving for some of your readers. Lastly, we offer a comprehensive directory of treatment centres throughout the UK, making it easier for those in need to find help near them.

After a bereavement, it’s important to remember that this can be a particularly challenging time for those dealing with addiction and mental health issues. Many people feel more vulnerable during this period and may be in desperate need of the resources and support that Rehab 4 Addiction can provide.

Free resource pack on request for families, educators and bereavement practitioners. Developed with Child Bereavement UK

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